The Radio Show — Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of our weekly 2-hour radio program, aired locally Tuesday evenings, 7pm CT, on WTND-LP 106.3 FM in Macomb, IL.

In Hour 1 of today’s show:

Old Radio Commercial — Carter’s Little Liver Pills
Song — My Perfect Brain — Bill Schmalfeldt
Let’s Take a Cognitive Test!
Song — Crazy Words, Crazy Tune — Fred Rich and his Hotel Astor Orchestra
Trump Verbatim
Song — Don’t Rat Me Out — Bill Schmalfeldt
Clip from Old Radio Show, “It Pays to Be Ignorant”
Song — Call Sean Hannity — The Gregor Brothers
Trump-Hannity Wiretap
Song — H-A-Double N-I-T-Y That Spells Hannity — Bill Schmalfeldt
Song — Kellyanne’s Song — Bill Schmalfeldt
Song — So Many Different Organs — Bill Schmalfeldt
Song — You’re Driving Me Crazy — Gene Austin
Song — The Country’s In the Very Best of Hands — Peter Palmer and Stubby Kaye


Song — Dear Mr. President — The Almanac Singers
Police State — Firesign Theatre
The Unconscionables — Bill Schmalfeldt
Clip from the Old Radio Show, Mr. District Attorney
Movie Trailer — “Wild in the Streets”
“It’s A Trumpy Life!” — Bill Schmalfeldt and Diane Kelley
Old Radio PSA — “The American Way”
Song — Liar — Three Dog Night
Song — That Damned Old Flag — Bill Schmalfeldt
Song — From Russia With Love — Count Basie and his Orchestra
Song — Fake News — Bill Schmalfeldt
Song — This Roger Stone — Bill Schmalfeldt
Song — There’s a Trick in Pickin’ a Chick-Chick-Chicken These Days — Wendell Hall
Song — Nobody’s Tough on Russia — Bill Schmalfeldt
Song — Hookers Pee Pee on the Mattress — Bill Schmalfeldt
The Signing Ceremony — Bill Schmalfeldt and Diane Kelley


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